We're Twenty Years Overdue!

Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty-Four" is one of my favorite novels. I enjoy it because it is a written warning - things which should be avoided, things to look out for, reason to revolt.

If you haven't read it, please do! It really is a wonderful piece of literature, and a GREAT example of perfect Sci-Fi. I really should read it again, and soon.

Not that I'm paranoid (I am) - but times like this make it required reading.

At least READ THIS.



Sony's rootkit-DRM fix-up

My, oh my!

There certainly was a ton of backlash on the web directed at Sony over their DRM/rootkit hell-hole that they dug for themselves. Sony noticed.

So, they're releasing an "anti-virus" definition for it. This should allow people who use standard commercial AV scanners to actually SEE if their machines are infected by this specific DRM.

Apparently, that's ALL it will do - at least from what I can tell - you'll just be able to note that it is indeed there. The AV app won't be able to protect the PC from future DRM-attacks or remove the thing. (After all, it IS inside the Kernel.)

The full story of this as told on C-Net.

Towards the end of the article, it looks like Sony is giving people a way to un-install this rootkit. That's the good thing. I'm unable to tell you more about it, since it looks like it wants you to fill out a form to continue. The removal process begins here: http://cp.sonybmg.com/xcp/english/form8.html

I'd test it for you, but I've avoided DRMed CD's like the plague...


DRM suckage - Know what you are buying

I don't trade copyrighted music. I don't DL copyrighted music via P2P. I don't condone that behavior. It's not right. Having said that...

I've long been against DRM on music that I buy. I want to be able to use music that I buy in any free-use method that comes to mind which is legal. If I know that music has DRM on it, consider it unsellable to me. Oh, I've bought digital tunes from services like DiscLogic - lossless and DRM free - but never rent-me-music like iTunes.

What really bugs me is seeing DRM on CDs. Take a look at these two stories:
Bizzarre DRM Story in Four Parts

The first shows that Sony's DRM isn't even about people copying music - but it is a pissing match with Apple's iTunes. The really amusing part? - Apple OS X users have no problems with the CD, just Windows users.

The second seems to show that Sony's DRM is in essence a RootKit - a bit of software that completely modifies the working kernel of Windows, without your knowledge, and becomes both problematic and dangerous to uninstall.

Considering that the issues were found on two different Sony albums, I bet they're related. As the first blog mentions, this puts me off from wanting to buy Sony products. Period. (not that I can afford a Bravia TV)

Of course, this makes me happy that I run Linux.



Oh, man!

Why didn't someone tell me about this 2-day music event?!?

Dave Matthews, Primus, Umphrey's McGee, moe., ween, Trey, Flaming Lips, and many more!

Sure, I'd not have been able to go, but dig this, it has a video stream!

Vegoose --> "watch now"

warning, it seems to need WMP or Real installed.

good stuff, good stuff!


Oddly-Shaped Hill in Bosnia Turns Out To Be A Pyramid

"The pyramid is 100 metres high and there is evidence that it contains rooms and a monumental causeway... The plateau is built of stone blocks, which indicates the presence at the time of a highly developed civilisation."

I, for one, welcome our new (er... old) Eastern European pyramid building alien overlords.

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I'm not winter yet!

This is freaky.

It isn't even November, and yet we're having a a severe Winter Storm Warning for the next twelve hours. Gotta love Central PA.

This doesn't come close to comparing with Wilma, of course. Here's hoping that most people got through it without too much loss!


Does the title of this post mean anything to you?
For me, it means "You need a stout beer!"

My beer-of-choice has been Guinness since I was sixteen. Yeah, I'm from the states.
Also, as of late I've been having "debates" with people who are proponents of "Intelligent Design." I quotes debates, because they're more like my logical thinking vs rabid screaming at me. Time and time again they turn to attacking evolution and science, forcing me to defend it, but cannot or (will not) defend ID - always on the offensive.

Anyhews, enough about all that. I like Guinness. I like the idea of evolution. This is a link to TV advert for the wonderful brew using the theory of evolution: Raise a pint!

Guinness gives strength!


High-res Images of Nasa's new spaceship

Here are 10 high-res renders of Nasa's new moon lander and launch vehicle at different stages during the next moon mission

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This is apparently what NASA has in the works for the next "big thing" - a trip BACK to the moon.

Now, I've no problem with the design. A simple design is DoublePlusGood. The thing I do have an issue with is WHY? Yeah, ok, Dubyah wants us to go to the moon. That's soooo 1960's. There are plenty of reasons to go beyond just showing that we can still do it.

Could we please set up a base there? A lunar telescope array? Something besides a scouting mission?

Well it ain't a mission to Mars, but at least it is something beyond the Shuttle or ISS.

What we (the people of the world) need is a space elevator.


Good luck to all those in the Florida panhandle. Hurricane Wilma is headed your way, as I'm sure you are aware.

The latest reports that I've seen seem to indicate that because Wilma is moving so quickly, the rainfall amount isn't expected to be all that severe. That's the good news.

The bad news is that because it is moving so fast, the damage from strong winds could be immense.

Batten down the hatches, folks.

Growing Old

Why is it that I've always felt "old"?

Yes, that requires quotes around it. It isn't necessarily an age thing either. I've been called an "Old Soul" a few times, but that seems too reincarnation-ally wrong.

I bet that Bill would know.

You are not Special

In ten thousand years, no one is going to know who you were. Right now, while you are living, you don't even really matter.

You live in Ohio, you work at a hardware store, you drive a Saturn, you have two kids, you send your mom a Mother's Day card every year, you have a beautiful lawn. You're the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, you have a loft in Chelsea and a summer home on Fire Island, you come from old money, you visit your mom every Christmas who lives in the home where you grew up an only child in New England, you were on the cover of Forbes and Out in the same month.

Does any of this really matter? Someday you're going to die and they'll throw dirt on your grave just like everyone else's. Someday the sun will expand and consume every living thing on earth. Someday the universe will collapse in on itself then explode into a brand new universe. Even these events don't really matter, they're just things that happen.

So whether you prefer creamy or chunky is of such absurdly little consequence, the near meaninglessness of it is mind-boggling. Accept that you are of no consequence, that you are essentially nothing. In a universe of infinite universes that will ultimately return to the singularity from whence they all came, you are as inconsequential as my peanut butter preference.

(grabbed from an unknown source a long time ago.)

Why then have I decided to start a blog? I seriously have no clue. I started thinking about this nearly five years ago. THEN it might have been cool. Now? There are already plenty of blogs on in interweb. Most are completely useless. Expect the same from this one here. It will be insignificant and inconsequential.

Perhaps this will end up just being a placemark for bookmarks and such that I'd like to keep. However, isn't something like this much more appropriate?

If you've a reason why *I* should care about keeping a blog, feel free to tell me!

Oh, and "First Post!" as if that even mattered...