DRM suckage - Know what you are buying

I don't trade copyrighted music. I don't DL copyrighted music via P2P. I don't condone that behavior. It's not right. Having said that...

I've long been against DRM on music that I buy. I want to be able to use music that I buy in any free-use method that comes to mind which is legal. If I know that music has DRM on it, consider it unsellable to me. Oh, I've bought digital tunes from services like DiscLogic - lossless and DRM free - but never rent-me-music like iTunes.

What really bugs me is seeing DRM on CDs. Take a look at these two stories:
Bizzarre DRM Story in Four Parts

The first shows that Sony's DRM isn't even about people copying music - but it is a pissing match with Apple's iTunes. The really amusing part? - Apple OS X users have no problems with the CD, just Windows users.

The second seems to show that Sony's DRM is in essence a RootKit - a bit of software that completely modifies the working kernel of Windows, without your knowledge, and becomes both problematic and dangerous to uninstall.

Considering that the issues were found on two different Sony albums, I bet they're related. As the first blog mentions, this puts me off from wanting to buy Sony products. Period. (not that I can afford a Bravia TV)

Of course, this makes me happy that I run Linux.


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