High-res Images of Nasa's new spaceship

Here are 10 high-res renders of Nasa's new moon lander and launch vehicle at different stages during the next moon mission

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This is apparently what NASA has in the works for the next "big thing" - a trip BACK to the moon.

Now, I've no problem with the design. A simple design is DoublePlusGood. The thing I do have an issue with is WHY? Yeah, ok, Dubyah wants us to go to the moon. That's soooo 1960's. There are plenty of reasons to go beyond just showing that we can still do it.

Could we please set up a base there? A lunar telescope array? Something besides a scouting mission?

Well it ain't a mission to Mars, but at least it is something beyond the Shuttle or ISS.

What we (the people of the world) need is a space elevator.


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