You are not Special

In ten thousand years, no one is going to know who you were. Right now, while you are living, you don't even really matter.

You live in Ohio, you work at a hardware store, you drive a Saturn, you have two kids, you send your mom a Mother's Day card every year, you have a beautiful lawn. You're the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, you have a loft in Chelsea and a summer home on Fire Island, you come from old money, you visit your mom every Christmas who lives in the home where you grew up an only child in New England, you were on the cover of Forbes and Out in the same month.

Does any of this really matter? Someday you're going to die and they'll throw dirt on your grave just like everyone else's. Someday the sun will expand and consume every living thing on earth. Someday the universe will collapse in on itself then explode into a brand new universe. Even these events don't really matter, they're just things that happen.

So whether you prefer creamy or chunky is of such absurdly little consequence, the near meaninglessness of it is mind-boggling. Accept that you are of no consequence, that you are essentially nothing. In a universe of infinite universes that will ultimately return to the singularity from whence they all came, you are as inconsequential as my peanut butter preference.

(grabbed from an unknown source a long time ago.)

Why then have I decided to start a blog? I seriously have no clue. I started thinking about this nearly five years ago. THEN it might have been cool. Now? There are already plenty of blogs on in interweb. Most are completely useless. Expect the same from this one here. It will be insignificant and inconsequential.

Perhaps this will end up just being a placemark for bookmarks and such that I'd like to keep. However, isn't something like this much more appropriate?

If you've a reason why *I* should care about keeping a blog, feel free to tell me!

Oh, and "First Post!" as if that even mattered...


At Sun Oct 23, 11:54:00 AM EDT, Blogger Misty said...

Not all blogs are full of mundane trivia, and for many people these days they are a way of finding new, like-minded friends.
If you really want to make an impact on the cosmos, try writing a book that will go down in history. Apparently there's one in each of us ;)

At Sun Oct 23, 05:36:00 PM EDT, Blogger  said...

Oh, I completely agree, Misty. There are definitely very worthwhile blogs out there. Informative. Humorous. Food for thought. etc. If used for social networking, and that works for people, so much the better! To each their own, I suppose.

Write a book, eh? I've a few ideas floating around in this bit of gray-matter that might be workable. I've generally more scientific tendancies though, so perhaps I might be able to further along knowledge or some such.

Either way, I should get cookin'! Time waits for no man!


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