Sony's rootkit-DRM fix-up

My, oh my!

There certainly was a ton of backlash on the web directed at Sony over their DRM/rootkit hell-hole that they dug for themselves. Sony noticed.

So, they're releasing an "anti-virus" definition for it. This should allow people who use standard commercial AV scanners to actually SEE if their machines are infected by this specific DRM.

Apparently, that's ALL it will do - at least from what I can tell - you'll just be able to note that it is indeed there. The AV app won't be able to protect the PC from future DRM-attacks or remove the thing. (After all, it IS inside the Kernel.)

The full story of this as told on C-Net.

Towards the end of the article, it looks like Sony is giving people a way to un-install this rootkit. That's the good thing. I'm unable to tell you more about it, since it looks like it wants you to fill out a form to continue. The removal process begins here: http://cp.sonybmg.com/xcp/english/form8.html

I'd test it for you, but I've avoided DRMed CD's like the plague...


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